Seamouse Ink

Seamouse Ink is my friend Seamus' website that has his amazing cartoon books that he makes, some on view and some on sale for ridic. cheap. They are the most plaintive little cartoons, they really tug the heart strings. I remember one day in Austin in 2004 and reading one of them and I just broke out crying because of one of the clouds in the book and one of the little bubble men and it made me weep right there about something, the smallness of life, the hardness of it, the difficulty of pushing through it, the weight of it. Life was heavy, the cloud was light, the little bubble stick man was weighted down. And I cried because the little bubble stick man understood me and I understood him. On beauty...

Check out new website: Seamouse Ink. The prices are so cheap. I am buying one of them all. You should too. You will be happy about the decision.

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Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.