¡Voices of a People's History!

Here's another event I will be in. It's this Sunday...

Voices Breaking Boundaries
presentsWORDS FOR PEACE 4 ¡Voices of a People’s History!
Sunday, May 7, 2006, 7:00pmDiverseWorks, 1117 East Freeway, Houston, TX 77002
Admission $5 (no one will be turned away)
For reservations, call 713.524.7821, or email
More info:

Intros by Howard Zinn (via telephone) and Anthony Arnove, editor of Terrorism and War (in person)·

Featuring local artists/ activists rendering a dramatic version of Howard Zinn’s Voices of a People’s History. Artists include: Paula Anicete, Hitaji Aziz, Duane Bradley, City Council Member Ada Edwards, Chuck Jackson, Autumn Knight, Vivek Mittal, John Pluecker, Sehba Sarwar, Anita Wadhwa, students from Lee High School and Community Builders Cadre·

Open mic and poetry led by Equality, graffiti art by Hyroglifx Koncepts, capoeira by Grupo de N'Golo, music by Free Radicals, refreshments by Nusrat Malik, drinks and much more.

WORDS FOR PEACE 4 ¡Voices of a People’s History! is cosponsored by DiverseWorks and KPFT Pacifica Radio 90.1 FM.

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