AMLO vs. Calderón

A few people have emailed me asking what the election and its resulting controversy feels like in Mexico right now. What my impressions are etc... This BBC quote seems to go to the point.

But, as the rally in Mexico City demonstrates, the electorate is deeply divided. Most of Mr Calderon's votes came from Mexico's industrialized north and its middle and upper classes. The poorer south of the country and urban neighbourhoods, where poverty or trade-unionism can be found, opted for Mr Lopez Obrador.

I am with children of the upper and middle classes mainly from northern Mexico, writers. It is PAN country without a doubt. López Obrador is not looked at kindly at all in these parts. Of course, there are very notable and important exceptions. But this is the feeling I have from people. Either they have 1) no opinion and are indifferent, 2) are mildly anti-political, 3) have real negative feelings about López Obrador (AMLO) and what they see as his rabblerousing or 4) are one of the few public vocal PRD, AMLO supporters (usually intellectual folk). Clearly, I think in Mexico City or in the South of Mexico the experience would be wholely different. Anyway, these are just my impressions. Partial and skewed.

I personally support a recount of the votes. I don't find AMLO's appeal for a recount to be dictatorial or anything like that, or anti-democratic as a lot of commentators have alleged. My two cents. What do y'all think? I'm open to being wrong on this. And only this point. (Joke.)

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