Forgetting you're remembering

Feeling at home is all about the act of forgetting. When a place is strange to you, you must go through a process of forgetting, which begins when you actively remember its details so you don't get lost, so you can get your bearings. You *must* remember: The street will have tattoo parlors. You will take seven steps up the walk. The key will turn in the lock like this. The room will be painted an early morning sky blue. There will be little green vines on the windows. The back burner of the stove will not work.

You must remember enough so that you can begin to forget that you are remembering. The more you forget that you have remembered, the more familiar a place becomes, until you get to the point that you have totally forgotten because, in fact, you now know it.

This passage (from From helps me remember something about home and strange places that i always forget. Thanks to Chuck.

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chuck dijo...

this makes me feel important! thanks, jp. i've been keeping up with your blog, as well. really enjoying it. (btw: tonight i have plans to do some barhopping on pacific street -- a rarity. perhaps i'll post on it.)