Language Poetry Ruled by Jerks

Seems like Language Poetry is hot in TJ nowadays. Not quite sure about it. Was reading Ron Silliman's blog (which according to a Wikipedia entry (probably written by Silliman) is the most widely read blog on American poetry). Seems to be one of the LP biggies. He writes on his blog about being at the Naropa Summer Writers Program in Boulder, Colorado and meeting the students there:

Overall, my impression is that the quality of the students as writers has risen as well. The top-level students are about where they were then, but this time I didn’t come into contact with any folks who were there just because they were lost souls.

Sorry, but Language Poetry is Ruled by Jerks. I just can't be that cold. If somebody is lost, I'll still try to help.

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Anónimo dijo...

¡hijole! pero este silliman sí parece bastante perro en esta cita. chín.

La Scimmia di Filo dijo...


(seems its the same for the quantic experience)

salut joooan.


jp dijo...

qué significa esto? de quantic experience? te voy a tener q

jp dijo...

ahhh. leí tu blog y entiendo mejor. sí.