3:15 Experiment

Participated in the 3:15 Experiment this past month of August. Woke up at 3:15am on about ten of the days of the month (even though I was supposed to wake up all the days) and wrote. Alarms going off at 3:15am, some days I dragged myself up to write, some days I just couldn't. But been real happy with the results, with the discipline. With how the shortstoetryprosepoemnotapoems worked out. Now that the month is over, I want to share. And I couldn't during the month (against the guidelines to re-read during the month). All the texts should be published on the 3:15 Experiment site sometime soon. And more info and texts from past years are there now. They're sposed to be raw, just so you know. So here goes.

8/12 - 3:15am

one has to learn to be naked, she said. laughing responded. this city has become my hacking. meander on all too well known pathways. turn left here or there. never make that light. never. always a shred too late. been here since darkness. since the parade. since clipboards and good intentions. since genealogy and midnight uproot. didn’t write poems then. don’t.

interrupt to break the map. new lines on an old chaos. a corner never seen, an old peeling two story with a cyclone fence. never saw you, never saw the sign. machine repair. newness invades. the well tread leads. the rest, lost to touch. always missing. one step off. forgot knowing everything about a place never happens. the city laughed. she.

hacking in dryness, inside space. outside damp heavy pots curbs balconies we all glisten. this body revolts. never knew hurt like this. can’t breathe here. no future, only past. no walking after 3am, no sunrises or mountains. just blinds curtains stoplights measured flow tupperware to be washed.

if only hacking cities were enough. if only naked again could.

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awadhwa dijo...

i like it.

Emmy dijo...

I admire you for taking part in this experiment. I have always admired B. Mayer and others for this. I wish I could be so disciplined, in August of all months! Cheers to you.