First they came for the ____________ and I was ____________

Have to be worried when the rules keep changing. Had too many friends in jail to think this is a good idea. This one is the most worrying:

• The department will allow immigration agents unfettered access to the city's two jails, as they have had in the Harris County jail, and officers will start asking all arrestees whether they are citizens.

What a mess. A lot more fear in the community, the only possible result. Who wants to call the cops anyway? Everyone knows when the cops come a whole lotta people go to jail, a big net catches all fish. And now. In the jail, checking papers. Not on the street maybe for now. But who knows when that will change. Any day now, unless:

If you are against this, email and let him know. More info here

Even the bureaucrats shouldn't be checking papers. Oh and, this new fence through the South Texas Valley from Laredo to Playa Bagdad, disastrous. Just say no to la línea.

Oh and, ideas on the fill in the blank above graciously accepted.

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LA dijo...

First they came for the dogs and I was complacent because I loved only cats.

awadhwa dijo...

saw something on CNN about Houston being a sanctuary city...keep me updated on what's happening there.

chuck dijo...

1. laptop
2. warned

Anónimo dijo...

this is hard!! ok lemme try..
First they came for the gold and i was their interpreter.

Anónimo dijo...

first they came for the drive and i was their angel.

cf. october 16th blog.
-s. again