Stop the Invasion

Mike Davis strikes back.

What few people -- at least, outside of Mexico -- have bothered to notice is that while all the nannies, cooks and maids have been heading north to tend the luxury lifestyles of irate Republicans, the gringo hordes have been rushing south to enjoy glorious budget retirements and affordable second homes under the Mexican sun.

Yes, in former California Gov. Pete Wilson's immortal words, "They just keep coming." Over the past decade, the State Department estimates that the number of Americans living in Mexico has soared from 200,000 to 1 million (or one-quarter of all U.S. expatriates). Remittances from the United States to Mexico have risen dramatically, from $9 billion to $14.5 billion in just two years. Although initially interpreted as representing a huge increase in illegal workers (who send parts of their salaries across the border to family), it turns out to be mainly money sent by Americans to themselves to finance Mexican homes and retirements.

Ideas Davis presented this past summer at the Centro Cultural de Tijuana. Fully developed and terrifying. Full piece is here.

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chuck dijo...

*very* helpful! -- thanks, JP.

LA dijo...

Whatever happened to zero population growth? Why blame "immigrants" for the population explosion, at the same time evangelical Christians are encouraged to and are having huge families?! Put on your condoms, breeders!