Me too neither.

Fog from my mouth made into creamsickles on treecorners an imagined course of sinewy air a turn left across lane markings into the emptiness of gray and cross traintracks smiles and courses winter ornaments glistening metallic garlands metal red bronze and silver. Knelt down bending smiling through ache ¿Por qué no escribes le dije? No sé. ¿Sabes el nombre del lugar de dónde vienes? No. Sin embargo de alguna manera montastes esos caballos los de tu abuelo y el rancho donde vivías ya me hiciste imaginar como fue the first time you wrote more than a few lines. Made my eyes opened despite without to want wanting. Outside again the fog lifted midwinter heat wave again. Old wellstructured architectural hairstyle aunts of our fifties wander in the trailer park of pecans. ¿Viniste de quién sabe dónde para estar aquí? Me too. Illegal radio blares as Juanita's flashes by Doña Vicki's light turns as railroad tracks again. Dan said it's Christmas and the investigation took six months. What's six months and two days? The little girl and her sign, but it's not her birthday, es Navidad. The Flores, the new place, La Dinner Bell light changes and through to the tan orange brick. On to mingling awkward a ways away from winning make the time pass macaroni con verguenza, squash casserole with a side of damn never told you chilangolandía was next door to the mystery farm, huh? Now you no. Anyway, in the wood panels on the floor tiny shards around a small woman's screaming image, but nothing to do to rescue her. Laziness incapacity unknowing. Coral reefs bright orange red yellow steel flowers to break car windows policelady does nothing merging eyeballs and dissappearing shadows projected through wispy white doily cloth hanging blue cushions scare off resters. Am I part of the art? Let me out. I-59 north then to I-10 east made all the sense of exits and run down wood gray wood house stuck beauty tragic lustfully between feeder road and that bald head's BMW. Your mofongo made my heart sing, cachai? Your motorcycles dreamed of you before you could see. So safe there with your little wooden love book. Do you know the town you came from? Me neither.

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