U know yr a nerd when...

as soon as you finish classes (and after a little too tired partying) (and before a little too tired partying), you run off to the library to get the list you've been making all semester of books you really want to read:

My Life - Lyn Hejinian
Lost in the City - Edward P. Jones
Señas de identidad - Juan Goytisolo
A Journey Through Texas - Frederick Law Olmsted
If This Be Treason: Translation and its Discontents - Gregory Rabassa
Telling Tales - Ed. Nadine Gordimer
Gringos in Mexico - Ed. Edward Simmen
The Last Known Residence of Mickey Acuña - Dagoberto Gilb
Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits - Laila Lalami

U know yr a nerd when you look down and think dreamily, That's me in a slice of time. That's me.

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Anónimo dijo...

oh, jeep, you are my favorite co-nerd. my books..on december 19:
*the new haruki murakami short story collection
*suburban sweatshops by jennifer gordon
*built by wendy's how to book
*neoliberalism as exception-aihwa ong
*buddha is rising-aihwa ong
oh, and i want to get a haircut and go shopping. merry capitalistmas.
xo echo

minardi dijo...

I'm not a nerd, I guess! I want to listen to ELO records and go to bars. I win!

But congrats on finals being done!

Sylvíssima dijo...

Vas a adorar my life, a mi me encanto. LUego tienes que seguirte con The book of john de eleni sikelianos y un minuto despues deberas comenzar a escribir de ti, para ti.

un abrazo

jip dijo...

sí, my life me encantó, 100%. ahora mismo pedí una copia de book of jon en mi biblioteca. lo leeré. otro abrazo.