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Martín Ramírez...thought to have migrated from Mexico around 1915, not 1925, to work on the railroads being built in Northern California, where he was hospitalized in the early 1930s and shortly thereafter found to have schizophrenia. He lived out his years in DeWitt State Hospital in Auburn, near Sacramento.

Retrospective exhibition in NYC. Read full Times article here.

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minardi dijo...

Rad drawing! Unfortunately the NYT link is dead. In all other respects, your "introspective poet" blog puts my "uninformed pundit" blog to shame.

Some people might say apples and oranges, but I say "Full Throttle", etc.

jip dijo...

um, i think you need a nytimes registration (which is free) cuz i just used the link and it worked.

and yeah, we aint apples n oranges. we kin bra.