Saw part of this film last night. Gonna watch the rest as soon as possible. Very profound meditation on one family's struggle with the Catholic church. Brings up a lot of emotions. Specially for recovering post-catholics.

Watch Hand of God in its entirety online here at the PBS Frontline website.

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ranger dijo...

I watched part of that but I couldn't stomach the whole thing--too disturbing.

LA dijo...

not sure it's a good idea for any of us recovering catholics to watch that stuff. seems like any of the organized religions suck. but, thank you jesus, my young niece has stopped bugging me about going with her to their fundamentalist christian church.
watched "The Illusionist" last night. very entertaining.

jip dijo...

yeah, i don't know if it is a good idea or not. but i watched it and found the filmmaker's relationship with his family profound. and his family's relationship with god and catholicism profound. yeah.