1) We train men in the U.S. to be violent, to never cry, that anger is the only emotion worthy of expression. Then, we send them abroad to wage war and to kill. We kill more people then I can personally count. And then the media is shocked when the violence comes back home.

2) As a white man, I'm troubled by the violence that my Anglo-American ancestors and contemporaries promote and wage around the world. Violence is a human trait, but it has particular histories, constructions, meanings and valences in different communities. Understanding these differences is crucial.

3) I am not watching television anymore. Last night, I felt sick. A headache, my bones ached, my stomach roiled. Went for a walk on the bayou.

Blogger Daniel Hernandez pulls together a lot of compelling links with discussion from a variety of sources. LA Times reported on violence in the Korean American community in Los Angeles before Monday. Andrew Lam in the New American Media has a column on the desire for it not to be "one of us." And Asian students at Berkeley fight stereotyping.