What matters is saying yes.

The thing is, I really like saying yes. I like new things, projects, plans, getting people together and doing something, trying something, even when it's corny or stupid. I am not good at saying no. And I do not get along with people who say no. When you die, and it really could be this afternoon, under the same bus wheels I'll stick my head if need be, you will not be happy about having said no...No is to live small and embittered, cherishing the opportunities you missed because they might have sent the wrong message.

- David Eggers. The entire rant/dialogue is here.

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El Guerito dijo...

I run a serious risk of sounding like somebody's grandfather here, but I'll take the chance.

First: In the old (tried and somewhat true) staple "How to Win Friends and Influence People", Dale Carnegie says (paraphrased) that "no" is the only thing that powerless people can say. "Yes" or "no"? It's a no-nadder.

Second: (The grandpa part.) When you say yes, you're steering. When you say no, all you're doing is slamming on the brakes and praying not to hit the Porsche.