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Si hay alguien allí en el ciberespacio que lee este blog que ha leído Celestino antes del alba, la primera novela de la pentagonía de Reinaldo Arenas, por favor que se comunique conmigo. La leí hace unos días y me ha dejado confundido y desesperado, para no exagerar la cosa.

Segundo, I just saw Last King of Scotland, then looked for more info on elements of the film, particularly the events at Entebbe in 1976, Idi Amin, Forest Whitaker, etc... I found this quote in an interview with the British actor who plays the Scottish doctor, an imperialist hooligan youngster looking for a good, sexy adventure in Africa, but who finds disaster and his own personal corruption:

I don't think its difficult to imagine yourself, if you're honest, doing really bad things. What makes someone good or bad is deciding not to, when you want to. Hopefully I wouldn't want to, hopefully I wouldn't be as arrogant and egotistical and self-serving as Garrigan. He's not an evil guy, but he is all these things. In that situation, I was playing someone who wasn't humble enough to not follow their dick, at one point their ego, at one point their job. I think for me I always saw Nicholas as the British imperialist, he might have been young and it might have been the 70's and he might have been a bit left wing, but he was still a young imperialist. In that he selfish, he corrupts and destroys.

Read the rest of the interview here. Email me if you have any thoughts on either topic: Celestino antes del alba, the morality of "deciding not to, when you want to" or anything else.

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el guerito dijo...

It is a true fact -- not to be confused with the Truth -- that at one point, and for a short while, Idi Amin handed over the reins of control of Uganda to someone else (don't know offhand who) so that said Amin could go off to learn to be a Formula I race car driver. Stop laughing! Would I make something like that up?