Las estatuas de la libertad fronteriza

Right on, Omar. Maybe if we could get organized and put statues of liberty the entire length of the border, from Playa Bagdad to Ocean Beach, from South Padre to Playas de Tijuana, maybe just maybe someone would see the irony of it. And learn something? Or not. But it would still be a chingón art piece.

De todos modos, aquí está un nuevo video de Omar Pimienta del Ranch de la Tía Juana. To see more of Omar's work, check out his blog personal (I Was Your Imperfect Past), su proyecto de Un foto diario de la frontera y su nuevo proyecto Desde la liber. Y no se olviden: enjoy the Discovery Channel voices and the imágenes impactantes del video. La estatua de la libertad frente al muro. Millions clamor to purchase the T-shirt, ya sabes???

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