Too Many Books to Read, Not Enough Lives

This from an interview with Eleni Sikelianos, whose work I met last summer and have since adored.

My most place-specific work seems to appeal to readers in the widest range of places. But that is the truth of place — it carries every other place in it, historically, psychically, or potentially. It’s true in a very real, material way — how our commodity demands wreak havoc in other parts of the world, and in all that has been exported or imported from and to a place, in terms of peoples, fauna, flora.}

The whole interview is here.

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Sylvíssima dijo...

everyone has to read the book of jon, the book of jon, the book of jon, the book of jon!!!

by sikelianos, of course.


La Scimmia di Filo dijo...

last summer, almost a year ago, we were all about to meet each other and to meet otherness in more than a way.

a postcard and a hug from this side.