There is no unalloyed joy.

I wonder how I have missed this expression "unalloyed joy." Google registers 14,900 results. Practically a cliché. But not for me. The Word for the Day is "unalloyed" used with concepts.

  1. Not in mixture with other metals; pure.
  2. Complete; unqualified: unalloyed blessings; unalloyed relief.
Coincindentally, there are only four mentions of "There is no unalloyed joy." And Bad Texas is currently link number one. Yes. Google it and you will see. Perhaps. Google is such a mystery.

2 comentarios:

MaGreen dijo...

i think i've heard it, but never thought about it. thanks for slowing it down and making me see it. luvley.

jp dijo...

Ha sido un placer hacerte demorar un poco para poder apreciar estas palabras.