Come check out Javier O. Huerta in Houston...

Will present his new book of poetry, Some Clarifications y otros poemas, winner of the University of California, Irvine’s Chicano / Latino Literary Prize.

On Sunday, September 30 at the George R. Brown from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. in Hall A-3 Room C. Which coincidentally coincides with the 800th anniversary of the birth of the Sufi poet Rumi (according to Javier).

Just met Javier a month or so ago in Monterrey at an Encuentro de Escritores. A brawny guy with a radical sense of humor, taking wanderingly new directions in his poetry. He also was raised up in H-Town so we gotta support our own, y'know? Sorry for getting all citycentric. But you should really try and come. And if you're out of town, you can crash with me.

The beginning of his poem "Rising Thunder":

I came to translate the mountain, but the mountain did not speak. I gave it a name: O Rising Thunder. But the mountain did not speak. I danced in a circle and chanted its name. I sacrificed a scorpion and left it at its feet. But the mountain did not speak.

More of his poems are at this journal Three Candles. And there is more info about him and his work in this part of the Arte Publico website. Javier also has a UnitedStatesian blog over here.

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