End of the Line

Need Books by the Yard? Look no further. What a sweet, scary-ass face. Buy em here. My favorite quotes:

Mixed Books
. Generally about 85% fiction, 15% non-fiction, these are great when you need books to just look like books. These books are carefully screened for content and contain no multiple copies.

Law Books. These books give any room a distinctive, scholarly and upscale look.

I wish we could buy books by the yard, but still choose them. In the meantime, when I need what looks like books but has been carefully screened for content. I know where to go. Anyway. Funny funny. Todo es simulacro.

2 comentarios:

Gabi dijo...

Taking into consideration your next blog on getting out of Huntsville, you could even say that our educational system is a simulacrum.

jp dijo...

Sin duda.