This Reading

So most of the people who read this blog either

1. Live in a faraway U.S. state
2. Boycott readings of all kinds
3. Have their own readings on that night
4. Viven en México
5. Have to attend readings by poets with books on that night
6. Are traveling to México, Los Angeles, New York or Marfa
7. Or have work-related, family-related or sex-related obligations to attend to.

But for all the rest, I have a reading this Thursday at 7pm at the Space 125 Gallery, located at 3201 Allen Parkway en Jiusten. It's called the Literary Salon and it's sponsored by the Houston ArtsAlliance. Vino gratis, comida gratis. Que vengan pues si es que no se les aplica alguna de las razones ya mencionadas.

2 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

soy yo, stella. como te fue?

bkracer dijo...

sorry i live in such a faraway state!!! i hope it was a nice reading.