Notes Prior to an Impending Catastrophe

Dr. Awkward is a palindrome. Minus the period and capitol letters.


A friend got a tattoo of a typewriter on her bicep. The guy who put it on, inked it on, drew it on was named Ty Palotta. No lie. Quite the pun.


I just came up with my new tattoo. It's gonna say "Cultural Appropriation." But I can't decide whether to put it in Hindi, Chinese, or Spanish. Seguro que no lo pondré en español. Ni pa pensar. Qué miedo.


Odio el español de aula. En especifico, el español del aula donde enseño en East Texas. Extraño el español callejero (de México pues).


Another tattoo idea: a row of all the houses where I have lived. Or a row of small maps of all the places.


My new favorite word: hokey.


Step 1: Bury the hatchet.
Step 2: It's water under the bridge.


Come to my new party. A svelte smelt 'n' spelt party.


The same friend with the new tattoo had a job where she had to call people and notify them that they had been exposed to syphilis or HIV. At the city Health Department. People who tested positive would do a long interview with her about all the people they had slept with. They'd give her lists of names and phone numbers and she would call them all to inform them.

She: I'm calling to inform you that someone you've slept with has syphilis.

Him: Who?

She: I'm sorry, I can't tell you that.

Him: This a joke.

She: Um.

Him: I know this a joke. Some fool playin a joke on me.

She: No sir, I'm an employee of the Health Department.

Him: Wait, wait.

She: Yes?

Him: You white?

She: Yes, I am.

Him: Oh, then I know this for real. I don't have no white friends.


Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day.


My friend with the tattoo said people loved to talk about their sex lives in detail with her. Also said gay white men always said no, for privacy reasons. Well, then.


Pillows pies bed for pequeño. Grapefruit trails though littered puddled gutters. Swept that gutter days ago. And now. Northwest wind blows blustery moments in. Not a poem. Don't write poems. Or much at all.


Feliz Día de San Giving.

6 comentarios:

chuck dijo...

i like the maps idea. i knew a guy who had stars on his body to signify all the places he'd lived. his name is sky.

bkracer dijo...

i miss u jip!

jp dijo...

c - yeah maps. obsessed with em.

b - come to visit any time.

Echo dijo...

dude, do you remember that time we visited the tattoo parlor in the mission and we saw the tattoo artist trip over his cord and almost hit his client's nose with the tattoo gun? and then we decided to leave?

andy dijo...

i want a tatoo, too! a bone with my dog's name in the middle.

Óscar David López dijo...


Me encanta.




Plegarias Disponibles 2008

Con tal de vencer el ocio y la maldita depre navideña, convoco a todos los visitantes, sin importar que sean de novedad o de anterioridad, de esta bitácora para que participen en Plegarias Disponibles 2008.

Esto no es un concurso, simplemente una actividad para sacurdirse el año envejecido y darle la bienvenida al new.

Asimismo, cada uno de los interesados

1) deberá enviarme una imagen (no habrá censura), sin olvidar agregar el crédito del autor;

2) una petición (sin límite de extención) de gozo, de reclamo, de profundidad, de vacuidad, de natura, de contranatura, de "yo soy juan palomo yo me la güiso yo me la como...";

3) destinada para aquél que sea santo de su preferencia, yendo desde la Guadalupana o Santiclós hasta Gobe. Nati o Coman. Chávez;

4) así como mencionar que no quieren volver a vivir (sea anécdota, amante, circunstancia) en el siguiente año,

5) y especificar como querrán que aparezca publicada su firma.

Yo me comprometo a publicar cada una de las Plegarias disponibles 2008 que lleguen al correo y así lograr burlar un poco la mortalidad que nos carcome con todo y amor.