Let's go. I'm ready now. You have five minutes to get dressed and then we're leaving. If you don't shut up, I'm gonna walk out and never speak to you again. That dog at my feet is bothering me. Put on my shoes. They're on the floor by the rice paper. My grandmother is waiting. Hurry up. I want to go see my grandmother. And your daddy too. Give me your hand. Like this spread your palm out wide. Hold your hand open. Now grab my hand and I'm getting up. Help me. You're only welcome here because you're my kin and I have to accept you. This is the most attention I've had in years. The lights are off now aren't they. Now hurry up. I didn't ask about the day or the night. Let's go already. We're on the road to Houston. I have to get to the garage apartment. You have five minutes to get ready and you should put on your clothes because if you're not ready I'm leaving anyway. Did someone pick the kids up from school today. I'm ready for blue to be going now. We have to be a ready for the literary party. The railroad was following the musical instrument several months ago because it was raining so much. Who are you. My eyes aren't so good anymore. You are on young people are on their way to being established. I'm ready to leave here. Let's just walk around the bed out there and then into the circle back there. Where are we now. Right I know where we are. Not far. Drive me home. Come on. I wanna go to bed. You don't understand. You children make me nervous. I want one of the boys to take me down to the apartment. Let us go on. Put your nickel in it and start watching the birds. Do you have the keys. I have to get home already. Let's go.

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