Catalogue of Feeling

For the month of January, a new blog has been started for Fun A Day. Called Catalogue of Feeling. Decided to do a daily drawing or photo with words attached to it. And I'll post the combopiece on the blog. Keeps me moving and honest and motivated. Sometimes might take me a few days to post it, but it'll be done on that day, just maybe not posted each day. So check it out.

Lots of thoughts about what to draw & photo & write & how all of these are to be connected or unconnected. And many ideas about what the Catalogue of Feeling means. Pero mejor lo empiezo este mes y después lo analizo y así el proyecto seguirá creciendo. More interesting así. Ok?

2 comentarios:

awadhwa dijo...

Love your art. miss you-had fun!!-anita

jp dijo...

thanks girlfriend.