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4 comentarios:

Emmy dijo...

i like these lines and the pictures that look like lights at night when i'm not wearing glasses:

“Only human tanlines make for glaring failures.”

“Semi desértico. Estrambótico Jesus.”

“Please don't watch the tourists passing through our pain.”

“No one has stopped the train yet.”

“It is easy to critique rottenness. We all need so much.”

jp dijo...

thanks emmy. i'm glad to know people r out there. i see the little clicks on the sitemeter, but then i wonder. but in any case, it's a diversion.

stalina dijo...

Art is processional, yet people judge it as a product. No te preocupes por los comentarios de audiencias... or maybe that's bunk advice since I myself don't have much of an audience. Lo importante es seguir creando arte.

jp dijo...

tienes toda la razón stalina. ya cambié el post. no quiero andar pidiendo comentarios como si fuera limosna. y yo limosnero. vago.