Spanish English Glossary of Legal Terminology for Immigration

Gasté horas buscando un glosario de terminología de los tribunales de inmigración. Al final encontré uno de Dagoberto Orrantia que me parece muy útil. Así que quiero que sea más fácil de encontrar en el Internet.

Aquí está el link al Glosario de Terminología Legal para los tribunales de inmigración.


I wasted hours looking for a glossary of Immigration Court terminology. Finally I found one by Dagoberto Orrantia that seems really useful. So I want it to be easier to find on the Internet.

Here is the link to the Glossary of Legal Terminology for the immigration courts.

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Anónimo dijo...

this is totally amazing. I am forwarding this to the folks at my clinic.
xo echo

jp dijo...

I only have a few issues with Orrantia's translations. The main ones are:

1) I wouldn't use "caución" for "bond". I would use "fianza".

2) Also, I don't like "traslado forzoso" or "trasladar forzosamente" for "removal" or "remove". I prefer "repatriación" and "repatriar".

At least for today that is what I think. Anyway, hope this info helps someone. I have spent a long time thinking about it obviously.

jp dijo...

My preferred term for "removal" and "remove" is "expulsión" and "expulsar".

Anónimo dijo...

hi, i found this post over the weekend and was so grateful. the immigration terms are really helpful. have you by any chance found any other resources specifically related to immigration court terminology?

jp dijo...

This glossary is definitely the best that I have found. There are some other resources out there though, but they can be very contradictory as far as terminology. Good luck. Glad this was helpful for you.