Latest Tragedy Con un Final Medio Feliz

Legal resident applying for citizenship spends thirteen months in ICE detention centers.

Houston Chronicle columnist Rick Casey did a two part column this week about the case of Mauricio Barragan. Evidently, despite being a legal resident of the US and despite being an upstanding person in ways numerous and documented, he was imprisoned for thirteen months in Immigration jails. He was driving with a suspended license, and as laws have been changed, since he had a prior drug conviction (for which he received deferred adjudication and probation), he was sent to jail and put into deportation proceedings. The government attorneys fought him every step of the way to keep him imprisoned and to eventually deport him. Luckily, they lost. What a travesty of justice.

Read the first part of Casey's column,
Cold as ICE: A Story of Family Values.

And then the second part,
Cold as ICE: Falsehoods.

Thank you, Rick, for this amazing column. Good work.

And thanks to the DREAM Act - Texas blog for making sure I didn't miss these important columns.

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