Javier Huerta's Fourteen Steps to Publishing Bilingual Poetry

From Javier's blog:

So the first step is to research those institutions (presses and journals) that accept Spanish and bilingual submissions.

So the second step is to submit as much and as often as possible. Publishers aren't going to find you, no matter how good your poems are.

So the third step is to learn that rejection is just part of the process.

So the fourth step is to read Rilke's "Letters to a Young Poet."

So the fifth step is to memorize "El Louie."

So the sixth step is to write a poem in your limited French.

So the seventh step is to organize your manuscript and have a nonpoet comment on it.

So the eighth step is to have your grandmother edit your Spanish poems.

So the ninth step is to send your manuscript to me at johuerta@berkeley.edu.

So the tenth step is to understand that you've never published before.

So the eleventh step is to not argue with your publisher once you have a publisher.

So the twelfth step is to consider publishing beyond the borders of the United States of America.

So the thirteenth step is remaining patient while it takes your publisher two years to publish your book.

So the fourteenth step is staying beautiful.

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