"Introducing the first truly mobile office: the Walkstation."

This image is especially posted for Minardi. Check out Minardi's blog, Gold, Silver and Money. It is sufficiently random and producted-oriented and creepy to be perfect for his blog, . Like the Happy Feet or the Say-A-Blessing.

Yes, Minardi, Technology has improved our lives once again. The good news is you can still have awkward office talk at your new Walkstation. They thought of freakin' everything.

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Echo dijo...

whoa. perfect for L.A. obsessives who want to exercise while working.

minardi dijo...

...or for people who have to exercise in order to get any work done... I'm holding out for the StairMaster edition. Thanks for thinking of me!

+ + + + + + + + + + +

... o para las personas que tienen que ejercer con el fin de obtener cualquier trabajo que realice ... Estoy a cabo para la celebración de la edición StairMaster. Gracias por pensar en mí!

La Brown Girl dijo...

I think that's an older version of this idea. There have been rumors of one that isn't so clunky.

I've tagged you in a meme, you must check out blog for the rules.