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Many now have a small piece of real estate in a "social utility" I'd rather not name.  One I resisted for years but has recently eaten me.  So I've been thinking and reading a lot about it.  Here are some links to decide what Facebook, yes I said it, really is: 

an imperialist gringo plot to map of social activists and artists and everyone, 

a corporate ultracapitalist tool for charting our wants and needs and desires, 

a tool to combat twentieth century social isolation or 

a crazy-making new time-waster with benefits.  

You just might have to commit Facebook suicide one day.


Todavía tengo miedo.  I am still afraid.  Muy afraid.

But at least there's the first amnesty since 1986.  Pero por lo menos hay una amnistia.

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paola dijo...

i'm also afraid, ay muchas cosas en facebook mías dicen las leyendas urbanas, por qué tengo que yo estar en facebook, me niego a abrir uno,me niego