Notes for the Future, Obama and the Northamericans

I just got back from a presentation at the Book Fair in Tampico, Tamaulipas, México.  I gave a talk in a tent in the main square on translation and also set up a desk in the square and did free translations for passers-by: letters for kids to their English teachers, love letters y más.  At the end of my talk, I passed out cards to the audience and asked them to write their hopes, dreams, recommendations, suggestions for the new Unitedstatesian president and for the Unitedstatesian people.  I told them I would translate what they wrote and post it on this blog so that my readers would have a look into what people in one small port city at one hopeful moment had to say about los Yunaites.  Here are their notes translated into inglés:

Obama: I want a better world I want peace on Earth I just want love I think that's what everyone wants. Race or whatever color you are doesn't matter it doesn't matter if you're from here or if you are someone from somewhere else.  Now I want the best for the world that the war stops that the dawn breaks once again that the land provides fruit again but you what do you want...  - José A. Pérez Mtz 

Open your eyes.  Watch out for the Right.  Hope isn't everything.

I hope for more human relationships between you Northamericans and us Mexicans, I wish you a lot of prosperity.  - Adriana

Well what I think is that Obama is going to be the change because he is between two races his mom and his materal grandparents his dad of color so there isn't any mistrust of him on my part and I do hope that he gets papers for all the Mexicans that are over there and don't have family here and already have their roots there that he helps everybody over there all the Mexicans. - Rosalba Gómez Hdz - his American mom his dad of color

That the hope entrusted in the President elect of the U.S. is reflected in real change and that it doesn't happen to them like it happened with us Mexicans, the change promised by Fox never happened.

That he eradicates racism hopefully it happens since he's of color he could be the perfect person to do that.  - María Olivia Ibarra Hernández

My hope for the whole world especially those who govern the nations is to work, work and work to find solutions to worldwide poverty.  - Joel Guerrero Morante

(i am a grandmother) i was pleased that Obama won since it represents a change that was needed for a long time  - Maria Jesus Ramirez

That he can follow through on his campaign proposals and fulfills the hopes invested in him. 

Obama: Never forget the common man Never forget to respect equality of opportunity, justice for everyone equally Never kill anyone with your power.  - Martha Izaguirre

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