People dancing on top of cars chanting OBAMA! OBAMA!

yo: yeeeeeaaaaaahhhh¡
sara: yesyewsyesyeyseyseyeasa!!
yo: so awesome
sara: we did it!
yo: yeah¡
new day
sara: morning in america
yo: new amazingness
but this time for real
where r u?
sara: brooklyn
it's crazy
i walked home
yo: r people in the us freaking out???
sara: it's insane
yo: hahah
sara: people just gathering on street corners, cheering
yo: thats awesome
sara: hugging strangers
cars honking
police cars running their sirens for fun
yo: awwow
sara: then i got up to bedford ave
and folks were jamming the street
it was a total street party
yo: wow
sara: an entire city block just jam packed
yo: amazing
sara: people dancing on top of cars
yo: oh my god
sara: chanting OBAMA! OBAMA!
yo: life changing

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Tammy Gomez dijo...

Keep On Rockin' Me Baby by Steve Miller on the radio, followed by Back in the Saddle Again by Aerosmith and I was floorin it down Hemphill St., towards my comrades at the Chat Room Pub, and two chotas saw me veering and speeding, but in a decisive poise towards extending boundaries and redefining "offense", they chose not to subdue and ticket me. The breeze through the window felt of a different direction, and I welcomed the chill. At the Chat Room, many friends gleefully convived and imbibed, and sang along in rising swells of sonar decibels to anthemic tunes from the jukebox speakers. When "American Pie" started with Don McLean's classic, "A long, long time ago," everyone in the bar gasped and smiled, and began singing in unison. A new moment, with rescripted futures, has arrived, and we are postured for peace and a human-scale prosperity that has not been our blessing for many many many days.

paola dijo...

pinche juan! vinistes a hermosillo y yo no supe, pinche juan

Ryan dijo...

Was in Harlem it was amazing drums and jazz and people dancing about, not a care in the world. Been forever since I've seen groups like that some thousands so happy not having it be drugs or booze or a national holiday.

LA dijo...

Glory be.

j. pluecker dijo...

yes. glory glory glory.