Intricacies of Modern Arabic

Edward Said has this incredible essay, The Language of the People or of the Scholars?, a primer on the modern day complexities of the Arabic language - standard, classical and colloquials - and the intricate divisions and interconnections between these varieties across nationalities and social classes. It is so worth reading. I often use this blog as a place to leave these kinds of things that fascinate me. And I wanted to leave this here for me and for you.

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Anónimo dijo...

i use my blog in the same way-- as much a place to store what is of interest to me as a place for people to discover what is or may be of interest to them!

LA dijo...

Is it something a non academic would understand?

j. pluecker dijo...

artpredator - yes yes.

LA - I think it is totally readable and accessible. But you can be the judge.