Vassilis Alexakis

However, I was quite annoyed by a well-known linguist who declared, at a conference of francophone writers, that a writer can compose an original work only in his native language. My modest experience in this realm tells me this is unfounded. I don't think my passage into French, as difficult and painful as it was in many ways, has curbed my imagination, limited my freedom, or deprived me of the pleasure of writing. Precisely the reverse is true: French has enhanced my enjoyment, expanded my horizons, and given me greater freedom.

From an essay at Words without Borders that muses on the difficulties, opportunities, stresses and joys of living and writing and reading in two languages. Tons of thought provoking quotes and thoughts. The essay was originally written in French, then translated by the author into Greek, then translated from the Greek into English by Andriana Mastor. Totally indicative of the deeper conflicts/divisions/trafficking.

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