This would be somewhere between I-10 and Nogalitos. Roll highway roll on all sides of the little house. Outside the light glinting off of windshields and paper. As the day emerges before the heat rolls through. Dogs linger on bent wooden porches and contribute to decay and sinking. Each step pushes the earth lower. Flea-bitten bodies invade the boundaries burrow in the soil unroot plants and futures. Despiértate. Ya viene el sol por la ventanilla. Ya es el momento. Stepping out a relief from the heightening sun. A minute to gather one's thoughts en la mecedora before the everyday flood of words and obligations. Stretching legs out to sit ponder basil and ironworks. How little knowledge there is about dusty streets and early morning construction work. And even with so little room for stragglers. Twinkling of metal hummingbirds and a far off drone of weedwackers. A churning before the launch of day.

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