Normal Americans and Understanding Gertrude Stein

You're coming to the United States to lecture Ms. Stein, that implies there are many people who are going to be able to comprehend your ideas.

Look here, being intelligible is not what it seems. You mean by understanding that you can talk about it in the way that you have a habit of talking, putting it in other words but I mean by understanding is enjoyment. If you enjoy it, you understand it and lots of people have enjoyed it so lots of people have understood it.


Well that's rather hard for us normal Americans to see.

What is a normal American? There are lots of quite normal who do see and how, but after all you must enjoy my writing and if you enjoy it you understand it. If you did not enjoy it, why do you make a fuss about it. There is the real answer.

Click here to listen to this too brief interview with Ms. Stein.

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LA dijo...

I have enjoyed Stein's work without understanding it. But now, perhaps, in hindsight, I actually WAS understanding it. In the way that I "understand" music. I wonder what she was like in bed . . .