My review of the new Norton Anthology of Latino Literature is on-line at the Literal reviews blog:

The new Norton Anthology of Latino Literature has already unleashed and will undoubtably continue to provoke signigicant debate, brow-beating, anger, emotion, territorial defense, criticism, passionate displays of righteousness, tears, boredom, gossip, scrutiny, love and enlightenment (among other things). This process of upheaval is positive. A Norton anthology has a certain weight to it, both physical (2,600+ onion-skin pages in this case) and intellectual (as a tool of canon-formation). While there have been other solid, rigorous anthologies of U.S. Latino literature by respected critics, Norton anthologies have always held a special place in American literary in-fighting, perdón, discussion.

Check out the whole review here.

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CarmenSays dijo...

> literary in-fighting, perdón, discussion

I love your writing. I can really hear your voice when I read it.

John Pluecker dijo...

thanks, friend!