Whiteness isn’t intellectualism.
Whiteness isn’t indigenous.
Whiteness isn’t anything.
Whiteness is just that blank space where a theft has occurred.
- Chiwan Choi, here
To be clear: disengagement or non-response is not possible for me right now. Friends have told me to walk away, to take a break, but I am a writer who wants to exist publicly. If I disengaged every time I was approached this way, it would likely mean disengaging from the professional poetry community entirely. When, in specific circumstances, I’ve disengaged, when I have said yes or okay or have just let it go, I have regretted it. I realize not all writers feel this way. I realize the burden brown and black or trans or queer people face to even exist, let alone write, could absolve some of us from engaging: the danger of this poison is real.

- Jennif(f)er Tamayo - more here

Antígona González

Efrain Huerta & Roberto Bolaño vs Octavio Paz


Brodsky, Akhmatova, Pushkin = weighty, heavy, too heavy Russian poets
I forgot what it was to remember.

- Ayanna Jolivet McCloud
We don't always belong to the people who look like us.

- Kim Tallbear
maricela guerrero
comparing the work of poetry
to the work of domestic workers
not to the work of gurus or eternal priests or etc
a continual return to labor
that does not end.

labor has a value.
why should the work of a senator
be worth more than the work of a woman who works
for an outsourced company cleaning the building?
that's a question poetry can work on.
What I heard Robin Coste Lewis say here in Houston (I paraphrase from my notes):

Appropriation has been fetishized over the last year.
I don't want to talk about the fetishization of appropriation over the last year.
Brilliant books are buried in the fetishization of appropriation.
I don't want to talk about ___________________.
There's nothing new about appropriation.
Colonialism is a history of appropriation.
I steal with care and tenderness.
I wanted history to talk about itself, not talk about the death of the author.
Yo no soy original pero nadie me hace competencia. 

- Una amiga de Tijuana
I (...) ask my non-Indigenous peers to consider their roles in the ongoing colonial oppression of Indigenous peoples. The colonial moment has not passed. The conditions that fostered it have not suddenly disappeared. We talk of neo-colonialism, neo-Imperialism, but it is as if these are far away things (these days these accusations are often mounted with terse suspicion against the BRIC countries, as though the members of the G8 have not already colonized the globe through neo-liberal economic and political policies). The reality is that we are just an invasion or economic policy away from re-colonizing at any moment. So it is so important to think, deeply, about how the Ontological Turn–with its breathless ‘realisations’ that animals, the climate, water, ‘atmospheres’ and non-human presences like ancestors and spirits are sentient and possess agency, that ‘nature’ and ‘culture’, ‘human’ and ‘animal’ may not be so separate after all—is itself perpetuating the exploitation of Indigenous peoples.

- From An Indigenous Feminist’s take on the Ontological Turn: ‘ontology’ is just another word for colonialism by Zoe Todd. More here.

Ford Over!

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Llueve a mares - It's raining oceans

Really 24:20-37:50. Fred Moten in Huntsville Texas. Taking Huntsville down. Taking the walls down.
In the past few days, while writing emails, I have unwittingly invented what appear to be new English words:




I think these words should exist in English already. Ah, como se cruzan los cables.