There is an interesting movie here on the PBS-Frontline site about Karina Parra, a transgender woman in Santiago, Chile and her struggles to live and grow. It also talks about the transgender rights group, TravesChile, which now has 13 branches across the country! I recommend checking it out. Here.

I have some issues with the filmmaker. I wonder why she did not go a little deeper into the subject. The woman in the film, injects silicone into her hips to try to feminize her body. This is something working class transgender women do around the world. I would like to have seen a little context in the film. I understand why people inject silicone, but it is a huge risk, a life or death kind of risk. The treatment seemed a little sensational and not educational.

In any case, I posted a comment on the site to try to help Karina out, donate some money or raise some funds to help her get the sex change surgery she wants and needs. We'll see if they respond and maybe we can try to help in some way. Start by watching the movie.

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