othertimes summerscape reverberations of reflected sunstroke. resol resol resol: repeat sun, resun resun resun.

keep us choking through la canícula entera.
no taking photos on long walks, no walking. period. a shame, conscious of the shame of it, the lack of exact connection, the passing, the poem a day a poem of disconnection. habitual spaces, the mechanical mechanistic wandering in well-tracked senderos to an end siempre defined. si hubiera sabido antes. the necessity of taking poems of nothing, of nothing sparked by gray skies. believing in the potential of the nothing, perhaps.

renothing renada remakes renegades remark regret and remembering. reject renoise. rechaza reruido. el resol cala.

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awadhwa dijo...

How come your poems sound like this and when someone asked me to write a follow up to a line in a poem, I wrote, "Ginger is known for diminishing flatulence," or some *hit like that?