The Fabulous Gay Bars of Huntsville, Texas

Imagine a future where Huntsville has gay bars on every side of the Waller County Courthouse. As you leave the university, the oak trees the tallows climb out rage on above a block of meadow. Follow that University Avenue just one block and already for the protest. We just killed our four hundredth person the four hundreth person to die since Texas resumed the death penalty. Tonight another dies. Dark brick looms over the pockmarked asphalt. The same asphalt around the library loops the Coliseum gave us reason to connect the two. There was a time when memory was stronger. When we remembered what. The future then sorry could be blissful could be more then we imagine.

The fabulous gay bars of Huntsville Texas could bring legions of tourists to the city. Ask any fairy on any street corner any cowboy on any horse all could point you in the right direction. Right past where they used to sell slaves then.

Try not to be so melancholy, so sensible, tree. Maya said when the largest, oldest tree falls in the forest, small things coil up and hide. We didn't desire to be those small things. Perhaps fate is ineludible. Perhaps our coiling and hiding is a legacy. A tree better but fallen.

Despite having moved past fear in the seventies moralizing corrodes oxidizes the track we move on. Where are the best gay bars in Huntsville right now. Why would anyone be afraid of the crows. The crows equal judgements unavoidable in their simplicity and their harshness. Unafraid of judgement then. Trying to be simpler then open a dialogue that is I am trying to be simpler then open a dialogue.

Repeat. Look what has happened. To hold back that which was previously restricted. If only the gay bars in Huntsville were known to everyone on every street corner. If only I asked the boy who sold me my dinner. The man walking into the Texas Farmhouse. All this brick all these oaks all this sky and storm came falling down around me. Not so innocent anymore but hardly ready. What this could be would be so much better than what is.

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Jude dijo...

I think I'm making a comment. :P It's in Spanish!

I've lived in Huntsville since December and my partner has been living here for 5 years. We're tired of hanging out at Shenanigan's and Lizard's is starting to get less fun. Where are all the gay bars? You can e-mail me at and tell me if you'd like. :D

p.s. My name is Jude!