Yes We Can / Sí Se Puede

The fierce urgency of now.

An end to scapegoating the members of my house - as he said "immigrants and gay people."

OK. I am officially moved. Without a doubt there is a momentum. Yes, if he is elected, we will have to work hard, social movements will still have to organize, Obama will not be perfect. He does not claim to be. He claims to need us to help, to need us to be inspired, to have hope, to push for change, to push him to keep creating change until the election and when he is (please) President. I believe in our ability to see beyond old divisions and make something new. I know it is a moment full of a crazy, charismatic energy. I know I am swept away. There is always a first time.

If you haven't seen the produced video for Obama, you should click here. If you want to see an interview of on the NYTimes about how the video came about, click here.

* Oh, yeah, Houston represent!

** Yes We Can is a back translation of Sí Se Puede. Estoy seguro que alguien lo tradujo al inglés. Me encanta que la lema de la campaña es una traducción del español.

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