Houston Rocked by Sexy Attacks

Y'all need permission to be doing this!

I know that's right.

Love it. Houston is rocked by sexyATTACKS.

Part of a University of Houston class - the Performance Art Lab taught by Elia Arce. Rad class.

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LA dijo...

omigod, that's hysterical!! Kroger! That's where my mom used to shop in East Peoria! I love the shoppers who just ignored the dancers. How dead inside must you be to ignore something so great?! I love when the store manager person said, "Excuse meeeee!"

Max in the Hague dijo...

The world needs more events like this! It's just so refreshing! I love how people start clapping when it's all over!

La Brown Girl dijo...

How do I get them to come to Stinkydena?!!!