So this video poem helps me get flarf a little more. Good to get flarf a little bit more. Even though flarf evades being understood on purpose (at times?). This one is made by Ryan Daley, a poet I met a while back, a nice guy who Wikipedia mentions as one "of this movement's more recognizable practitioners" whatever that might mean and however credible the source might be. Ryan has a new chapbook out which you can check out and even purchase here. He also has another book out called Armored Elevator which I read and was challenged by and enjoyed and for which I need to write a longer piece with my thoughts about it soon.

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the amplified bard dijo...

thanks for sharing this flarf vid. check out my blog and read my first attempt at flarf. let me know what you think.

Ryan dijo...

I'm not sure how I got on that list (albeit with last name misspelled) nor do I know who edited that.

It's funny, since I don't *think* I write flarf.

Which brings me to: do you have to "flarf" on purpose?

Thanks for posting this!