Chicken hanging from tree

So people make all kinds of funnystrange searches on Google that lead them to Bad Texas:

bad texas facts
tom of finland
jenny donovan tijuana
antarctica of montreal
history of telephone road
become a jp
chicken hanging from a tree
comidas tipicas de german bush
lidia mendoza

I think I need to have more porn words in my blog. So all those horny internet jack off stars end up here. Then frustrated limp and upset.

5 comentarios:

LA dijo...

Ok, I'm being dense again, but what is that list? How do people end up at your blog after doing a google search?

jp dijo...

So, people searched all the phrases on this list. For one reason or another, Bad Texas appeared on the list of sites that Google pulled up. Then people came to the site because of the link on Google. And I can tell all of this because I have a Sitemeter and Sitemeter provides one with all this info. Hope that's clearer. Peace.

chuck dijo...

jp -- email me your address and hank will send you the first copy of BROKE. it's pretty cool looking.

grizzlybird dijo...

i want you to post about how to become a jp.

polanka polkat dijo...

here i am jp! let internet blog friendship commence--