Free the Jena 6

We protest because Jena is not a rural Southern town, it is a state of mind -- not from the 1950s, but of the here and now in every American town, suburb and city from South to North and sea to shining sea.

We protest because Jena exemplifies with such brutal clarity the racialization of crime in our society.

We protest because we are moved to do so, not because any charismatic leader told us to do so.

We protest because we are following our our consciences, not polls.

We protest because we know that leaders do not draw crowds, crowds attract (more) leaders.

We protest because "we are the leaders we have been waiting for."

To read more about this statement, see Afro-Netizen. More info on Jena 6 and to help out, see Color of Change. Specially like the line about leaders not drawing crowds. Crowds attract more leaders. True true.

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