Word For/Word

Stumbled on this journal which has been around for awhile it seems, but which I just discovered. Word For/Word.

There is a really interesting feature on Chilean sound and visual poetry coming out of Foro de Escritores. The Foro is described in an interview by one of its members:

The only goal is to have an open space for poets and artists to gather together every three or four weeks in a pub in Santiago (the Rapa Nui bar in the Providencia area) to show to other poets and artists their work, what they are doing or making at that moment. In that sense it is a workshop. Most of the collaborators have a common interest in language and an interest in exploration—in some cases reckless exploration of forms, formats, and media.

All this work is very worth exploring. And it's presented in a way that makes it really easy to access.

Visual image by Anamaría Briede. Man grasping throat is Gregorio Fontén.

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