The First Award for Oppressive White Man of The Day

A new bill under consideration in Arizona (not passed yet) would attempt to outlaw students groups that organize around race, like MECha, and make illegal any classes that go against "Western civilization." Whatever that means. So much ignorance. This is one of the craziest pieces of the bill (it's hard to pick a piece of it, but still):

--- Prevents public schools in Arizona from including any courses, classes, or school sponsored activities within the program of instruction that feature or promote as truth any political, religious, ideological, or cultural values that denigrate or overtly encourage dissent from the values of American democracy and Western civilization, including democracy, capitalism, pluralism, and religious toleration.

Since when do the "values of Western civilization" include capitalism? Karl Marx isn't Western enough, I guess. Neither would Gramsci or Proudhon or any other thinker who did not advocate capitalism. And I guess in their minds fascism is not a Western construct. Not colonialism either.

More info at Arizona Indymedia. Or at La Voz de Aztlán.
(The First Oppressive White Man of the Day Award goes to the guy in the photo, Russell Pearce, the white man who is pushing the legislation.)

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